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Here are some of our recent projects:

Obtained the 4th place in the Higgs Boson Machine Learning competition, in partnership with Andrey Kolev, out of 1800 teams. The goal of the competition was to identify Higgs Boson decay events among ATLAS data (ATLAS is a particle detection experiment run by CERN at the Large Hadron Collider).

An online advertising fraud-filtering system for a US-based company. It is now processing over 10 million ad impressions a day, in real time.

QuickAnswers.io, a natural language question-answering engine. It is capable of answering arbitrary knowledge queries made in natural language, such as "How many plays did Shakespeare write?", "How old is Elon Musk?", etc.

A picture recommendation engine for a US-based startup, capable of parsing the website of any business then recommend relevant professional photo assets tailored for the creative needs of the business.

Won first prize in the StumbleUpon "Evergreen" Machine Learning competition, outperforming 625 other teams. The goal of the competition was to automatically identify whether a webpage has permanent interest or merely transient interest.

Sphere Search, a similarity-based picture search engine, indexing over 2,000,000 pictures.

A music recommendation engine for a US-based mobile apps startup, covering a catalog of over 50,000 songs.